Phenyl Ethyl Acetate

Phenyl Ethyl Acetate

CAS Number: 103-45-7

Phenyl Ethyl Acetate
is a colourless oily liquid. Light rose leafy floral, rosy-honey note odour.

Extensively used in floral and non-floral perfume types.
Occasionally used in flavour compositions.
Extensively used in soaps, detergents.

Appearence Colourless Liquid
Acid Value 1.0 Max
Sp. Gravity 1.030 to 1.034
Ref. Index 1.496 to 1.501
Assay 98.0% Min. by G.C.
Molecular Weight 164.21
Molecular Formula C10 H12 O2
Flash Point 221' F
Solubility Very Slightly Soluble in Water

Storage & Handling:
Storage can be done in HDPE barrels / Carboys.

30 kgs Carboy / 210 kgs HDPE barrel (Click to view).

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