Citronellyl Acetate

Citronellyl Acetate

CAS Number: 150-84-5

Citronellyl Acetate
is a colourless mobile liquid. Miscible with alcohol, oils, etc., fresh-rosy-fruty odour. Reminiscent of geranium.

Extensively used in perfume compositions of rose, lavender, lily, peony, citrus-cologne.
Frequently used in flavour compositions.
Very stable in soap & detergents.

Appearence Clear, Colourless Liquid
Acid Value 1.0 Max
Sp. Gravity 0.883 to 0.888
Ref. Index 1.440 to 1.447
Assay 95.0% Min. by G.C.
Molecular Weight 198.31
Molecular Formula C12 H22 O2
Flash Point 212' F
Solubility Almost Insoluble in Water

Storage & Handling:
Citronellyl Acetate is a neutral ester with no appreciable effect on metals. Storage can be done in metal or HDPE barrels.

4 - 30 - 200 kgs


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