Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl Alcohol

CAS Number: 100-51-6

Benzyl Alcohol
is a colourless liquid. Faint nondescript odour, rather sweet.

Extensively used in perfumery.
Frequently used in flavour compositions.
Used as a blender in floral odour of jasmin, gardenia & lilac.
Solvent for oils.

Appearence Colourless Liquid
Sp. Gravity 1.041 to 1.047
Ref. Index 1.538 to 1.541
Assay 99% Min. by G.C.
Molecular Weight 108.14
Molecular Formula C7 H8 O
Flash Point 213
Solubility 4% Soluble in Water

Storage & Handling:
Storage can be done in HDPE barrels preferably away from light.

210 kgs HDPE barrel (Click to view).


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