Amyl Acetate

Benzyl Alcohol

CAS Number: 123-92-2

Amyl Acetate
is a colourless mobile liquid. Miscible with alcohol, oils, etc. pronounced fruity fresh odour.

Extensively used in flavour compositions.
Used in nail polish remover and also in nail polish as solvent.
Occasionally used in fragrances for "lift" to heavy oriental fragrances, florals.

Appearence Clear, Colourless Liquid
Acid Value 1.0 Max
Sp. Gravity 0.865 to 0.870
Ref. Index 1.3970 to 1.4010
Assay 98.0% Min. by G.C.
Molecular Weight 130.18
Molecular Formula C7 H14 O2
Flash Point 75' F
Solubility Slightly Soluble in Water (0.25%)

Storage & Handling:
Amyl Acetate is a neutral ester with no appreciable effect on metals. Storage can be done in metal or HDPE barrels.

30 kgs Carboy / 180 kgs HDPE barrel (Click to view).


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