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  Laboratory Suppliers, a family concern firm, was set up in 1982 as Manufacturer of Aromatic & Fine Chemicals, mainly specialized in manufacturing of different esters.

The Owner of the Company has, more than 20 years of experience in chemical industry, in the field of high vacuum distillation, manufacturing, research and development as well as management levels.

The well-designed plant (self designed) is located at MIDC, Navi Mumbai and has a well equipped analytical as well as R & D laboratory.

Laboratory Suppliers (Front View) Laboratory Suppliers (Plant View)
Front View Plant View

Our manufacturing facilities includes:
1. Stainless Steel Reactors with a capacity ranging from 500 to 1500 litres with a well suited cooling tower.
2. Separating Vessels
3. High Vacuum Stainless Steel Distillation Units (200 to 2500 litres)
4. Oil Vacuum Pumps
5. Stainless Steel Filtration Sparkler
6. Glass Liquid Chromatograph (G.L.C.)

Laboratory Suppliers is very cautious regarding the discharge of effluent & the same is treated by the common effluent treatment plant set up by the Association of Chemical Industries situated in the nearby belt. Also the Company has planted many trees in its premises along with a small but well maintained garden which makes it Eco-friendly.

Manned by a strong workforce, which helps in maintaining a homely atmosphere. The work force includes highly skilled personals and managers, which allows a smooth functioning of the Firm as a result of which it is fulfilling the regular requirements of esteemed customers. As the company is maintaining high quality standards the products are accepted worldwide and are exported to various countries. The basic motto of the company is to give a better product to the customer at a competitive rate.

Finally it is the commitment to the quality and excellence backed by an effective and strong work force, which has enabled the company to meet the challenges of the local as well as international market. During the years, we have achieved business from reputed buyers locally as well as internationally and our plant has been audited successfully as one of the well maintained by major customers.

It is our pleasure to add one more feather to our cap by making your acquaintance. We are positive that the wide range of aromatic chemicals offered by us will definitely satisfy your requirements.

We look forward to serve you with our definite intention to start a business relationship and to co-ordinate with your esteemed company in fostering product manufacture as convenient to your requirements.

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